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17 Ways to Get Organized On A Budget

You won't believe how easy it is to get organized with simple items that can be found in your trash bin. I thought it was time to do another organizing on a budget post so today I'm sharing 17 ways that you can organize your home without spending a dime.

Use two liter plastic bottles to organize your jewelry. If you're not fond of the green plastic you could apply a coat of paint to match your own decor. (Epbot)

Milk jugs work wonders for organize kids art supplies or use them in the craft room to store craft items. (Recycle Art

Plastic jugs make perfect book organizers. (Ideekiare)

Recycled cereal boxes covered in pretty paper will help organize your junk drawer. (IHeart Organizing)

Use empty mint containers to organize small office supplies. (no source found)

Recycled jars can be used to organize kids school supplies or craft items. (What the Teacher Wants)

Organize your makeup brushes with this brush caddy made from cardboard paper towel tubes. (Cathie Filian)

Recycled tin cans make a perfect caddy for eating utensils or art supplies. (Madame Criativa)

Organize bathroom supplies using recycled glass jars. (Refresh Living)

A hanger can organize papers and keep them within easy reach. (no source found)

You can also use a hanger to organize your tape and ribbon collection. (Lili Scratchy)

Food storage lids fit perfectly in a thrift store CD rack.  (no source found)

Create some unique wall storage using baby formula containers. (Arsonista - Instructables

Make this tin can wall organizer to store kitchen utensils, art & craft supplies, or other accessories. (Knick of Time)

A cat litter bucket makes a perfect storage tote. (The Kim Six Fix

A large water bottle can be transformed into an adorable storage tote.
(no source found)

Use an ice cream bucket to organize your pantry or linen closet.
(no source found)

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  1. Awesome ideas!! great "thinking outside the box"! (no pun intended!)

  2. Wow. You have a brilliant mind... I never would have thought of all of these ideas.

    1. Thanks Elise! I credit the amazing bloggers that came up with these fantastic ideas!

  3. cool. these are smart ways. would definitely try your ideas. thank you for sharing it.

    lots of love from DIY Craftz

  4. Love these on a budget posts, they're surely the best ones! Specially when it helps me to organize better, thanks ;)

    1. I know, right!! I could use all the help possible getting organized. lol.


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