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DIY Closet Hacks - Organizing Ideas

Have you been living with a small closet? Do you constantly struggle to find room for all your shoes and clothes? These DIY closet hacks will make your closet feel twice the size and give you enough room for all your items.

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Use S hooks to hang baskets under your shelves. These same baskets can be found at your local dollar tree or you can buy them online here.

Shelf brackets hung upside down are perfect for organizing your pants.

If you don't have much light inside your closet, try installing rope lighting. These battery operated ones can be found here.

If you're in need of an entire closet system but just don't have the money, check out this budget friendly option. Can you believe this was build from a single sheet of plywood?

Add additional storage by hanging baskets from the clothing rod. For an even cheaper version, you could also use cardboard boxes.

This rotating organizer is meant for the garage but would also work great in a closet. Use it to organize shoes, belts, gloves, jewelry, purses, and so much more.

This wall organizer is slim enough to fit behind a door and perfect for storing small items such as gloves and clutches.

A diy slide out is a great way to organize your scarves and belts.

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