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What Does HOME Mean To You? #HabitatForHumanity

Oh my gosh you guys!! I am so excited to be participating in this amazing campaign!!! Throughout the month of April, I will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bring awareness to the the rising affordable housing crises and help spread the word about the Home Is The Key campaign.

Today I'm sharing what home means to me, and the many ways that YOU can help out with the Home Is The Key campaign. I also included a challenge at the end of the post... Are you up for the challenge??

Habitat For Humanity has provided me with a small free product and a small nonprofit compensation in exchange for participating in the Home Is The Key campaign. However, all opinions are 100% my own and I would not be encouraging you to help this wonderful cause if I didn't truly believe in it!

If you scroll up to the top of this blog you'll notice, under the DIY Home Sweet Home logo, the words "-because it's the little things that make a house a home". I am a true believer that a home is not just a structure made of walls and beams but a place to call your own. A place to create memories and share moment with loved ones. Take a look at this photo.... and ignore my lazy cat ;)

To you this might seem like just a normal porch swing but to me and my family, it is so much more. I've spent many mornings sitting on this swing with a cup of coffee and my journal. Writing about the events from the day before or my plans for the future. Jotting down to do lists, and watching my kids ride their bikes up and down the long driveway. This is where we gather with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy their company along with a glass of ice cold sweet tea. It's a place where my husband and I have spent many evenings after a hard days work, enjoying the cool evening breeze and talking about our day. On the other side of the porch in a large unfinished table (I promise I'll finish it one day!!) that has my family's initials carved into it. We've enjoyed good food and lots of laughter at that table. It's also my kids' favorite place to made mud pies and other wonderful creations. This porch, although not technically "in" the house, represents everything that home means to me.

(P.S. Join me Monday for a tutorial on how I made this awesome pallet sign!!)

That's what I love about Habitat for Humanity and why I am so passionate about sharing this campaign. Habitat for Humanity does not just provide houses for families to live in. They provide a home for families to create memories. A place to gather with family and share stories. A place to call their own!!

Home Is The Key is Habitat for Humanity's first national cause campaign to address the nation's rising affordable housing crisis. The campaign began April 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee as the Scott Brothers (the guys from HGTV) raised the walls on two new homes for local families.

Did you know...

  • One in four household in the United States spends more than 30% of their income on housing. This doesn't leave very much to cover other basic needs such as food and clothing.
  • Virtually nowhere in the United Stated can a full-time employee earning minimum wage afford a one-bedroom apartment. 
Over the past 40 years Habitat For Humanity has built thousands of homes around the world, providing families and communities a place to call their home. Many of these individuals were dealing with horrible living situations due to natural disaster or other events that were out or their control. Being provided a home through a simple act of kindness, these families were able to turn their life around.

What can YOU do right NOW to help??

  • Share.
                     Nissan: The easiest way to help is to spread the word. 
                     Nissan will donate $1 every time #HomeIsTheKey 
                     is shared on social media. Wait... What?... That's right, 
                     5 seconds of  your time to share a hashtag and Nissan 
                     will donate $1 towards the Home Is The Key campaign. 
                     What are you waiting for?? Go do it now!!!.... I'll still be 
                     here when you come back.
                     Schneider Electric: Building on an 18-year partnership 
                     with Habitat, Schneider Electric will promote the 
                     campaign and drive donations through its social channels 
                     throughout the month.
  • Visit and donate. Visit to make a donation. Do you know someone who is passionate about this cause? You can make a donation in honor of them and they will be sent a personalized card. What an amazing gift that would be!!
  • Shop. The following stores are teaming up with Habitat for Humanity.
                    At Home Stores: At Home is selling specialty patio 
                    umbrellas and spring coaster sets in  store to give back 
                    to Habitat.
                    Chico-s FAS: Donate in-store or online at any of the
                    Chico's FAS brands listed below, in addition to purchasing
                    specialty products that give back at each store:
                                     Chico’s: Every sale of the basic essential slub tee
                                    from April 1 –May 31 will support Habitat.
                                     White House Black Market: Proceeds from
                                     every Comfort Stretch Ankle Pant sold April 23-
                                     May 31 will go to Habitat.
                                     Soma Intimates: From April 23-May 31, each
                                     Cool Night Pajama separate sold will support
                    O’Cedar: From April 1 – May 31, O’Cedar will donate $1
                    to Habitat for Humanity for every ProMist® Max spray mop
                    Kum & Go Convenience Stores: 10 cents of every specially
                    marked water bottle sold will be donated to Habitat, and
                    customers will have the opportunity to donate additional
                    funds at checkout.

Back to my original question... What does HOME mean to you? Share in the comments below.

And now onto the challenge!!

Although Habitat for Humanity does a lot of work to build these homes, it would not be posible without the many volunteers giving up their time, and the donations they receive from everyday people like you. 
Yesterday I donated $10 to the Home Is The Key campaign. I CHALLENGE YOU to match or beat my donation. Click HERE to donate then leave me a comment letting me know that you did!! 

Don't have any money to donate?! No problem. Remember Nissan will donate $1 every time the hashtag #HomeIsTheKey is shared. 10 shares on your social media accounts = $10!! 

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