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Best DIY's To Update Your Kids Bedroom

Surprise your child with a fun bedroom update. Whether you need to add more storage space, or you're looking for some fun wall decor, these diy kid's room projects are sure to bring a smile to their face!

Under Sink Storage Solution

This is an updated post originally published on DIYHSH Nov. 2010
I never know what to put under the sink. With the plumbing located smack dab in the center of the cabinet, it makes for an awkward storage area. On the search for some bathroom storage ideas, I came across a few amazing solutions.

7 Stunning DIY Pressed Flower Crafts

My favorite part about spring (aside from the gorgeous weather) are the beautiful flowers. The heavenly scent of wild honeysuckle has filled my backyard for the past few months and I just can't get enough of it. Today I'm sharing a few beautiful pressed flower craft ideas, so head outside this weekend, enjoy the weather, and collect a few of your favorite flowers!

Green and Frugal DIY Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes

I used to be obsessed with disinfectant wipes. I kept them everywhere. In the kitchen, bathrooms, dining room. They were so convenient. Sticky fingerprints on the table... grab a wipe, bathroom counter needs cleaned... grab a wipe, sticky kitchen counters... grab a wipe.
Of course this obsession was short lived when I realized how much I was spending on those bad boys. Not to mention all of the harmful chemicals that they contain.
Here is my new solution

Clean House Checklist - Free Printable (5.5 x 8.5)

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet? Have you even started yet? This clean home checklist will help keep track of all your cleaning tasks throughout the year. This is a two-page, half page size printable that will fit in A5 planners.

Genius Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in any home that could always use more storage. Here are a few simple ideas to organize your kitchen in order to maximize storage space.

A Black Thumb's Gardening Hacks

Last year I shared 5 simple tips for an amazing garden (you can find that post here). Today I want to share a few more gardening ideas that will make even the blackest thumb turn green. 

Daily Calendar Half Page - Free printable

Did you see my full page daily calendar that I posted last week? (you can find it here) I promised that I would share a half page version with you guys, and here it is! Since I started posting these free printables, you (my wonderful readers) have given me so many brilliant ideas for even more printables. Can I say a huge THANK YOU!!! I though that I had covered everything but you keep coming up with more amazing ideas. One thing that MANY of you have asked for is half page versions of my freebies. While I have created a few already (you can find them here) I am finally at a point where I can devote more time to creating printables and I plan on creating half pages versions for most of my older printables as well as any new printables I create. 

Did You Know... 50 Insanely Clever Random Hacks

One thing that just makes me giddy all over is when I am randomly bouncing around from site to site and suddenly I discover something new. Something that makes me think "Why did I not discover this sooner?" Some of these new ideas (new to me at least) have made life just a little easier.

Glow-In-The-Dark Slime Recipe

This slime recipe has been a favorite for my kids. Not only are the colors fun a sparkly, but they also glow in the dark!!

36 of the Best Camping Recipes

Can you believe that summer vacation is just around the corner? Is it just me or is this year flying by!?! If you're anything like my family, you LOVE camping. Today I'm sharing 36 amazingly delicious camping recipes your entire family will enjoy.

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