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Books to Read - Free Printable (5.5 x 8.5)

Do you need help keeping track of all those books you want to read? This printable offers the perfect place to write down your book wish list. I keep two of these in my planner. One for books that I want to read, and one for books I want to get for my kids. This is a half size printable that will fit A5 planners

Make your pans SHINE!!! - 1 simple ingredient

Just look at that shine!! Not long after I started using these sheet pans, they began turning brown. I scrubbed and scrubbed but could never get them looking like new again. Until now...

Top 5 Coolest Recycling Projects

Looking for something to create that will also help save the earth? These fun recycling projects are the perfect weekend craft for both kids and adults.

DIY Rag Rug

I am in love with this rug. Not only is it beautiful, it cost nothing (but time) to make. I used a couple of old bed sheets, weaving them together until I had the perfect size. This project is so simple that you'll want to make more than one. 

6 Creative Ways To Organize Your Living Room

In most homes, the living room is the first room that guests see when they enter the house. Keep you living room guest ready with these simple organizing ideas.

The Funnest Activities and Products to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Don't let your kids waste the summer away sitting in front of a screen. These fun activities and products are sure to get them outside and keep them active all summer long. 

Barbie Hair Fix

About a year ago my daughter inherited my old barbies as well as a few that used to belong to my mom when she was little. These barbies had been played with a lot and it definitely showed. The worst part was the hair.

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