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7 More Sewing Patterns To Get You Organized

This is a continuation of my previous post 7 Sewing Tutorials to Help You Stay Organized. Today I'm sharing even more amazing sewing tutorials and patterns to get and stay organized.

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Clippie Zippies. Sew Can She
These are so handy. I love the addition of a clip, and the mesh front is amazing for being able to see what is inside without opening the pouch. 

Cube Zipper Case. Craft Gossip
The strap on the front to hold a writing utensil is a brilliant idea. These would be perfect gift ideas for teachers.

DIY Collapsible Fabric Bowls. Haberdashery Fun
I love that these lay flat so that you can easily store them when not in use. Perfect for holding fruit and nuts on the table. Place one by the front door to hold your keys, or in a craft room to hold craft supplies for your current project.

Collapsible Storage Bin. Sew 4 Home
Collapsible bins are amazing for storing anything and everything. Once the bin is empty or you no longer need it, you can easily tuck it away without taking up to much room.

Collapsible Fabric Boxes. Sew Desu Ne
Similar to the one above but I love that this one used velcro.

DIY Reversible Bin Liners. View From The Fridge
I love wire baskets but sometimes you are limited with what you can put in them. Smaller items tend to fall out, and since you can see through them then you don't want the contents of the basket to be messy. These liners solve both of those problems by holding smaller items in place and hiding whatever you want to store in them. 

Cricut Maker Machine

Play and Store Tote. Etsy 
This collapsible storage bin folds out flat to create a play mat. I would love to make one with this fabric and store toy cars or little people inside.

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Wait!! Do you want to see more amazing DIY projects?!! Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent straight to your inbox!

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