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21 Unusual Uses For Everyday Items


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1. Use a drinking straw to keep your jewelry tangle free while traveling. Real Simple

2. Straws also make the perfect spice storage while traveling. Instructables

3. A straw is the perfect tool for depitting a cherry or removing the hulls from strawberries. One Good Thing

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4. Slide panty hose over the end of your vacuum hose to catch lost earrings or other small items dropped on the carpet. no source found

5. Store your onions in panty hose to keep them dry and extend their life. Tying a know between each onion allows you to cut them off as you need them. no source found

6. Make hammocks out of panty hose to support your climbing plants. Farmers Swag

7. A pencil eraser works great for removing sticky residue left over by stickers. Instructables

8. If you lose the back to your earring, a small chunk of eraser will make a great substitute. no source found

9. You can also glue a pencil eraser to the corners of your pictures before hanging for added stability and to protect you walls. Real Simple

10. Use rice to clean your coffee grinder. Instructables

11. Use a soda tab to hang your pictures. no source found

12. Soda tabs also work great for organizing outfits or adding extra space to your closet. no source found

13. A sock makes the perfect cozy for your coffee or tea. no source found

14. Recycled Tic Tac containers are great for storing ribbon. Voili Voiloumes Creations

15. Make a travel sized, water resistant match box using an empty tic tac container. no source found

16. An empty tic tac container also works great for protecting your toothbrush wile traveling.  Cass616

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17. Use clear nail polish to secure the screws on your eye glasses. no source found

18. Clear nail polish also works to keep your threads form unraveling on your buttons. no source found

19. A makeup brush is the perfect size for dusting between the keys on your keyboard. no source found

20. Use a shower cap to cover your shoes. This is useful when you are traveling and don't want your dirty shoes touching your clean clothes. Good Housekeeping

21. Use a dryer sheet to repel dust from your base boards. no source found

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Wait!! Do you want to see more amazing DIY projects?!! Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent straight to your inbox!

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  1. some new ideas that sound great. Thanks for sharing.


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