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30+ Insanely Genius Tips, Tricks, and Hacks That You need in Your Life

It's been a while since I've shared a 'random tips' post with you guys so I thought it was time that I do another one. I'm sharing 36 brilliant tips, tricks, and life hacks that you'll wish you would have thought of sooner.

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If you don't trust the cleanliness of hotel countertops, use a clothes pin to keep your toothbrush from touching them. no source found

Attach a small line level to your drill to keep holes level when drilling. Family Handyman

Adding a magnet behind your switch plate will give you a great place to hang your keys. no source found

If you are someone who sweats a lot then these underarm pads may be the perfect solution. purchase them here

Cut plastic hangers and use to store and organize sandals. no source found

You can make your own sliding clothing rod using copper pipe. The House Of Wood

Place a few wax melts in a jar with holes in the lid (i prefer these or these). As your car heats up the wax will melt making your car smell amazing. no source found

Sugar free ketchup is super simple to make and so much better for your than the store bought stuff. Step Into My Green World

Use velcro to attach your remotes to the coffee table so that you will never loose them. no source found

Use automobile wax to fix faded patio furniture. Hip2Save

Velcro can also be used on your rugs to keep them from sliding around on the floor. no source found

You can easily make your own homemade ravioli with this KitchenAid attachment. purchase one here

Pickle juice will get rid of cramps. I use this trick personally and it really does work. no source found

Make your very own inexpensive splash pad using a tarp and pool noodles. Paper Heart.Family

If your out of trimmer line and don't have time to run to the store, zip ties will work. no source found

Placing a reusable oven liner on your bottom rack will cut down on oven messes and make cleaning so much easier. purchase one here

Stop wasting tomato paste. Freeze your left overs in ice cubes then transfer to a freezer safe bag. Listotic

brentwoodhome essentials

A seem ripper works wonders when it comes to cleaning your vacuum. Rachel F. Fitness

Place project supplies in a plastic bag then store in a closet. Perfect for keeping everything out of sight but within easy reach. no source found

A shoe rack makes a great shower organizer. Moming About

Dollar store containers and magnets make a great spice rack that your can hang on your fridge. no source found

Or you can organize your spices with one of these inexpensive sliding spice racks. purchase one here

Speaking of spices, an upside down wooden spice rack makes the perfect mini clothing rack for a nursery. Piper and Poppy

Or you can attach some straps and a wooden dowel to make a very functional TP shelf. Ikea Hackers

A large mirror on hinges and some peg board makes the perfect hidden jewelry organizer. Curbly

When your renting and you can't drill holes but your really need another shelf... Use command hooks. no source found

Make this genius broom and mop storage using a sliding drawer track, wood trim, and a few hooks. The Project Diary

Choosing the flattest bag of lettuce will ensure that it stays fresher longer. no source found

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

Tape freezer paper onto your printer paper, then iron your fabric to the freezer paper. This will allow you to run fabric through your printer. Full tutorial at Simple Real Moms

Use adhesive strips attached to clothes pins to hang tapestries and other items on a cement wall. no source found

Attach a few binder spines together to create hidden storage. no source found

Cut command strips down to size and use them to add knobs to kitchen cabinets without drilling holes. Crazy Wonderful

Using a KitchenAid makes shedding chicken so easy and quick. no source found

Use large sheets of removable wallpaper to create a temporary but beautiful, customized kitchen back splash. The Nic Studio

And another great idea for renters. Add a frame to your bathroom mirror using velcro. CoopCrafts

Parchment paper makes removing baked goodies so much easier and clean up will be a cinch. Marin Mama Cooks

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