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14 Ways to Use Command Hooks To Organize Your Home Office Or Craft Room

Today I'm sharing 14 brilliant ideas for organizing your home office or craft room. This post is the fourth in my series for organizing your entire home with command hooks. Let me know if you are enjoying this series and I will do more similar posts in the future. Links for past posts can be found below.

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Posts in This Series:

Combine command hooks and binder clips to hang large calendars. Imperfect Homemaking

Use command hooks to organize your computer cords and keep them out from under your feet. Tara Dennis

Ok... you might be thinking, what does this have to do with office? But wouldn't this be a cute way to display a calendar!!? Hang up note cards, one for each day of the week, and use them to keep track of your monthly events. You could even laminate the note cards and use dry erase or wet erase markers and reuse them every month. source not found

A coupe command hooks and a wooden dowel are the perfect way to store washi tape. Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

Use zip ties and command hooks to attach your power strip under the desk to keep it out of the way. source not found

Hang small baskets on the wall with command hooks to store writing utensils and tools. source not found

You can use command hooks to mount your router up high on a wall where you can get better Wi-Fi reception. source not found

If you are always loosing your headphones, why not attach them to your computer using command hooks. source not found

Use command strips to hang a cork board without damaging the wall. Apartment Therapy

If the glare from the sun is making it too hard to see your computer screen, then simply use command hooks to hang a curtain to block the sun. The Happier Homemaker

Keep all your gift wrapping supplies hand by recreating this gift wrapping station using command hooks, a curtain rod, ring clips and S hooks. Hometalk

Here is another gift wrapping station idea using command hooks and wooden dowels. source not found

Hang clip boards on command hooks to display motivating quotes or important office papers. Refined Rooms

Use command strips on the bottom or your office drawer organizers to keep them from sliding around each time you open and close the drawer. IHeart Organizing

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