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How To Organize Your Kitchen With Command Hooks

I first fell in love with command hooks around 8 years ago, before I became a home owner. Command hooks where the perfect way to hang items and organize my rental home. I've shared a few command hook ideas in many of my Tips & Tricks posts but I though it would be even better to combine all the genius ideas for organizing with command hooks into a few great organizing posts. This post is the first in my series for organizing your entire home with command hooks.

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Posts in This Series:

Make your rolls of foil and plastic wrap easily accessible. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Organize your kitchen aid attachments. The Hyper House

Store your pot lids on the inside of a cabinet door where they can be easily reached. no source found

Use a few command hooks on the inside of a cupboard to organize your measuring spoons. I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Or you can hang them in the back of the cupboard so they won't bang around every time you open the door. Two Twenty One

Use command hooks to hang a basket under your sink to store sponges and sink plugs. no source found

Use a command hook and binder clip to keep all of your seasoning packets from getting lost in the back of your pantry. On Good Thing

Attach a few hooks to your backsplash to keep cleaning brushes within easy reach. Apartment Therapy

Or store your brushes under the kitchen sink. Copy Cat Chic

If you have a few bowls that you use often, hang them on the wall to keep them easily accessible. The Shabby Creek Cottage

I shared this tip on one of my many Tips & Tricks posts but thought it was worth mentioning here as well. Store your measuring spoons with the items you use most. A Thousand Words

Instead of magnets, use command hooks and curtain rods to display kids art work on the side of a fridge. Pinterest Inspiration

Keep fresh herbs in your kitchen year round by hanging a few pots on a wall or cabinet next to the window. Julie Blanner

A shower caddy hanging on the side of your cabinets is a great way to keep produce off the counter but within easy reach. Domestic Diva Domain

Use a cord bundle command hook to keep your cords tangle free. no source found

Hang a clipboard inside your cabinet door to store important paperwork. Young House Love

Use command hooks to keep items where you use them most. Hi Sugarplum

Hang baskets inside your pantry and out that unused wall space to use. Make Bake Celebrate

Hang your mops on the wall where you can easily wipe up spills as the occur. no source found

Use command strips to hang a curtain and keep the sun out of your eyes while washing dishes. no source found

Store hot pads right next to the stove using command hooks on the wall or inside a cabinet. A Bowl Full Of Lemons

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  1. I just these awesome ideas to organize a kitchen with command hooks. Many thanks for sharing this post.


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