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Top 11 Organizing Hacks For Your Christmas Decor

I don't know about you, but by the end of December I am so sick of seeing Christmas decorations that I'm tempted just shove everything in a closet (don't even worry about taking ornaments off the tree), close the door, and forget about it until next year. However, I don't have a closet large enough and shoving items in boxes always leaves me with a tangled mess and broken ornaments. While these Christmas storage hacks may seem time consuming, I promise that your will be thankful you did them when you pull all the decorations out again next year.

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Use plastic cups glued to a sheet of cardboard to store all of your breakable ornaments. I shared this tip in my 19 Mind Blowing Christmas Hacks post but I love it so much that I had to share it again here. no source found

Store items in smaller containers. While dumping everything into one large container may take up less room, it's easier for things to get broken and it can be a hassle to find what you need come next year. If you have the space opt for smaller storage bins and sort like items together. *Hint - clear bins and well written labels can be a life saver. IHeart Organizing

Store extension cords inside cardboard tubes and label with their size.. Not only will this keep them from getting tangled but you'll know exactly which size your are grabbing. no source found

When it comes to large breakable ornaments, keeping the original packing is always recommended. However, if the packaging gets damaged or lost, wrapping it in tissue paper and placing it inside a take-out container is the next best thing. Hello Glow

Plastic water bottles work great for storing bead garlands and will keep them tangle free. Tip Junkie

Shrink wrap your Christmas tree. If you store your tree in the atiic or garage then this will keep it clean and protected until next year. Epbot

Hang your wreaths on hangers and cover with large trash bags to keep them protected. If you don't have enough closet room, store them in the attic or garage on a garment rack like theseSew Many Ways

Or you can buy storage containers specially made for wreaths on Amazon. Find them here

An over-the-door shoe rack works great for storing wrapping paper. Just cut out the bottom of the pockets and slide the rolls right in.  no source found
Check out these other Brilliant Uses For Shoe Organizers

Wrap your lights around a hanger to keep them tangle free. no source found

Organize It Garage

Or check out Amazon for some brilliant string light storage solutions. Find them here

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