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13 Must Know Tips & Tricks to Keep You Warm This Winter

I recived a lot of positive feed back from my post last year when I shared 11 Winter Hacks To Get You Through The Season,so I  thought it would be a good time to share a few more winter tips. 

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1. Attach small screws to the bottom of your shoes to create traction and help prevent falls on the ice. no source found

2. Place a hot water bottle between your sheets a few minutes before you hop in bed.

3. Placing a couple drops of hand sanitizer on your key will allow you to open a frozen lock on your home or car.

4. Keep your feet warm with these cozy, upcycled sweater slipper boots. Home Sweet Soul

5. Placing long socks over your windshield wipers will keep them from freezing up.

6. Stop ice from forming on your car mirrors by covering them with a plastic bag. Secure it by twisting the end of the bag and clip it with a clothespin or wrap large rubber band around the bag.

7. Make a pair of cozy sweater mittens to keep your hands toasty warm. A Beautiful Mess

8. Cover up your floors. Placing rugs on your hard floors will provide an extra layer of insulation and keep your feet warmer as you walk around your home.

9. Roll up a towel and place in front of a drafty door to keep the cool air out.

10. Make your own fire starters. Place dryer lint inside a cardboard tube, drip in some melted wax, add fresh herbs (optional), then wrap them in newspaper. Dabbles & Babbles

11. Exercise! Getting up and moving will get your blood pumping and will help keep you warm.

12. Drink something warm such as tea or coffee. This will raise your body temperature and keep the chills away.

13. The last thing you want is to loose your heat through the walls. Wrap foil around a sheet of plywood and slide it behind your radiator. This will reflect the heat and keep it from being absorbed by the walls. This Old House

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