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Baked Frito Pie

My family is big on tacos. Seriously!! Even my picky little eaters gobble them down like candy. It's probably the only food that I know they will eat time and time again. But as much as I love taco night, the best part is mixing the leftovers with Fritos and having some good ol' Frito pie for lunch the next day. This Frito pie recipe is AMAZING and the best part is that you don't have to wait to have leftovers to make it!

24 Fun Foods For Easter

Wow, I can't believe that Easter is almost here! One thing I have always loved about Easter are the sweets. Easter just wound not be the same without chocolate coated bunnies or Cadbury eggs. For those of you who love sweets as much as I do, I have collected 24 fun recipes to add to your dessert table this Easter.

8 Fun & Simple Easter Crafts

Now that Valentines Day is over with, it's time to start thinking about Easter. I think Easter just may be my favorite holiday ever. Everything about Easter is so... SPRING!! And I LOVE Spring time.
I have gathered a few fun decorations to help you get into the spirit of Easter. Hope you enjoy!!

Simple Tips that are Borderline Genius

Sometimes the easiest tips are the best. Today I'm sharing some super simple and quick tips that you can add to your life to make things a littler less chaotic.

Brilliant Ideas For Displaying Your Child's Artwork.

Every child should have a place to proudly display their masterpieces. Check out these brilliant ideas for displaying your own children's artwork.

7 Cute Sloth Patterns You Need to Make This Year

Sloths have been sweeping the internet lately. And why not? They are so adorable!! Today I'm sharing 7 of the cutest sloth projects I could find. These sloth patterns simply darling and are sure to make you and your loved ones smile every time you see them!

16 Must Make Easter Sweets

Looking for something fun to make for Easter? These Easter dessert recipes are the perfect compliment to your Easter dinner.

10 Ways to Make Your Guest Room Amazing!!

When we first looked at our current home, it was listed as a three bedroom. It was actually only a two bedroom with a large upstairs area. The upstairs room has no door (It's open to the stairway), no closet, and the slanted ceiling makes it difficult to use. Thankfully, the home had a really large second living room that we knew could easily be divided into three smaller rooms.
We have already built a wall on one side of the room which is now my youngest daughters bedroom. Soon we will be building a wall on the other side to serve as a guest room/office combo, and the area in the center will be our new dining room. I have never had a guest room before so I'm extreamly excited about it. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things to add to a guest room and I'm hoping to incorporate a few of them into my own guest room when it is finished.

Valentines crafts for the kids

I always love finding craft projects that the kids can help with (if they can do it entirely themselves it's a bonus but those projects are very rare for a 2 and 4 year old). I know that most of my readers have young kids as well so I though it would be a great idea to gather a bunch of kid friendly crafts for the upcoming holiday.

Simple Homemade Sore Throat Remedy

This is my go to recipe as soon as I feel the slightest tingle in my throat. I've been using this recipe for a few years now and it never fails to get rid of my sore throat quickly. I'm excited to share it with you today.

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