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10 Ways to Make Your Guest Room Amazing!!

When we first looked at our current home, it was listed as a three bedroom. It was actually only a two bedroom with a large upstairs area. The upstairs room has no door (It's open to the stairway), no closet, and the slanted ceiling makes it difficult to use. Thankfully, the home had a really large second living room that we knew could easily be divided into three smaller rooms.
We have already built a wall on one side of the room which is now my youngest daughters bedroom. Soon we will be building a wall on the other side to serve as a guest room/office combo, and the area in the center will be our new dining room. I have never had a guest room before so I'm extreamly excited about it. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things to add to a guest room and I'm hoping to incorporate a few of them into my own guest room when it is finished.

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1. I love the idea of having a beverage bar in the guest bedroom. If you have guest that wake up earlier than you do, this would allow them to make help themselves to coffee in the morning without disturbing you or others in the home. If you don't have room for an entire beverage bar then consider placing a coffee pot and one of these mini fridges on a nightstand or dresser. Or maybe this small fridge which is slightly larger than the tabletop one but would still fit nicely under a nightstand.

2. Keep a container full of items that your guests may need. It never fails that when you go on vacation, there is always something you forget to bring. Having these items already on hand will be such a blessing to guests and will save them from a trip to the store. A few items to consider; lotion, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, face wash, floss, tissues, and soap. 

3. The container full of lotion and soap is awesome but if you have the space then why not load up a cart full of necessities for your guests. Fill the cart with things like guest towels, slippers, robes, snacks, etc..

4. A wall sign may not seem like much but it's a great way to make your guests feel at home and let them know that they are welcomed. I love this "Stay Awhile" sign I found on Etsy.

5. A large armoire is a great way to store extra blankets and it provides extra storage for guests to use if they need to. I love the mirrors that were added to the door of this armoir for guest to use. 

6. If you don't have the room for a large armoire then you can use a blanket ladder to store extra blankets for guests. This one is a diy version but there are several inexpensive ones on amazon.

7. Place a sign next to the bed or on the dresser with your wifi network name and password. This is so much easier than having guests ask you for the wifi password. I found this sign on Etsy but you can also search pinterest or google for some really nice, free ones.

8. Make some personalized hangers for your guest. Living out of a suit case can be hard. If you have the space, make room for your guests to hang up a few of their clothes.

9. Provide a luggage rack for your guest to use so they don't have to place their their luggage on the floor. You can build a simple diy version like the one above or you can buy one here on amazon.


10. Books to read. If your guests go to bed later than you or wake up earlier than you, it's nice to give them something to do while everyone else is asleep. 

11. Slippers. Even if you don't mind your guests wearing shoes in your home, sometimes it's nice to slip into something a little more comfortable. 

12. Robe. Guest usually won't pack a robe for themselves so it's always nice to provide one for them.

13. Light near bed. Having a light by the bed is so much more convenient than having your guests wandering around in the dark trying to figure out were the light switch is. 

14. Coat and hat rack. Every guest should have a place to hang their coat and het. Check out these 5 Creative DIY Coat Racks.

15. Desk with a mirror. Give your guests a place to spread out their makeup and fix their hair. You'll be thankful for this when you have a lot of guests and limited bathrooms.

16. Essential oil diffuser. It's not always easy sleeping in a bed that is not your own. Help your guests relax with some essential oils. I love the one found here which is also a humidifier. I can never find the oils I want locally so I always order them off of amazon. You can find them here.

17. A fan. Not all of your guests will enjoy sleeping at the same temperature you do. They will thank you for having a fan available in case they get too hot. I'm really loving this decorative desk fan.

Ok, did I forget anything? Last time you stayed at someones house, what was something you wished they had provided for you? Let me know in the comments.

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