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21 Life Changing Hacks

Those pesky first world problems can sometimes get in the way and make life a little difficult. These brilliant life hacks will help you wrap presents quicker, sweep floors faster, and even keep you from loosing your chapstick.

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Use Barkeepers Friend to remove scratches from your dishes. This super simple hack will make your plates and bowls look like they are brand new! via - One Good Thing

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Cut off a section of pool noodle and wrap it around your bed legs. If you're one of those clumsy people (like me) who's always stubbing their toes on furniture then this is a must! source not found

Here is another pool noodle hack. Use one to fill up containers that are too large to fit inside your sink. source not found

Use spray foam to protect your breakables. This is such a brilliant idea if you are moving or wanting to ship something valuable. via - Family Handyman

I've share how to de-pit a cherry with a straw but I really like this idea of using a bottle to catch all your pits in. via - How Does She

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If you don't have a straw, a paper clip will work just fine. Pop it inside the cherry. Twist it around the pit, and it will pop right out. via - GlueSticks

Make sweeping your floors a breeze with this vacuum that you can install into your cabinets. No more bending over with dust pans and spending forever trying to sweep up that last little line of dust. via - Amazon

Never loose your chapstick again. If you are always loosing your chapstick then punch a small hole in the end and slide it on your key ring. If you are always loosing your keys then try this tile mate from Amazonsource not found

Throw the best movie night ever. Create a collapsible outdoor movie screen using a large white sheet and PVC pipe. via - Shabby Creek Cottage

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Create a projector with your smart phone. After you finish making the outdoor movie screen above, you can use a magnifying glass and a cardboard box to create a projector that will allow you to play movies on your smart phone. via - Society19

Inexpensive flooring option. If you're tired of your nasty carpet but can't afford new flooring, try taking the carpet out and painting your subfloors. via - Young House Love

Create inexpensive curtain rods. Can you believe these curtain rods are made form PVC pipe and a ping pong ball? It's amazing what a little paint can do. via - Shine Your Light

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Update your ugly outlets the easy way. Install wall plate covers (find them on amazon here) over your existing, outdated outlets. No electrical work involved! via - Dream Design DIY

If your butter is too cold to spread then try running it through a cheese grater first. It will soften faster and be easier to spread. source not found

If you need to wrap a bunch of presents, pull out a long length of tape and place it on your table. Use scissors to cut it into usable pieces and tear off as needed. via - reddit

A hair straightener works great for ironing shirt collars. via - reddit

Cut your pancakes with a pizza cutter. Think of all the other foods you could also cut with a pizza cutter! via - Cook & Craft Me Crazy

Use rain gutters to control your cord clutter. Attach them to the underside of your desk and place all your cords inside. No more cables wrapped around your feet. via - Lifehacker

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Perfectly hang picture frames. Use painters tape to attach a thumbtack, position your frame and push the thumbtack into the wall. via - My Home Style

Mini alcohol bottles are the perfect size for storing salad dressing for your lunch. via - reddit

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Use a tent to make a simple & quick sand box. It's shaded and no weeds to deal with. Will also keep out rodents! via - reddit

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  1. The pool noodle hose is an outstanding idea; you've no idea how many times I spilled water all over my flood when trying to fill a mop bucket! Thank you for also saving my back from lifting containers from the sink to the bucket. :)

    1. I know, right? You would think mop buckets would come with some sort of device that allows you to fill it easier. They are such a pain.


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