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10 Things You Should Toss Right Now


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1. Unused Toiletries - It's time to toss those hotel samples and the items that you acquired from gift baskets that you'll never use. If they are unopened please consider donating them to a food bank or women's shelter. photo source

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2. Leftover Party Supplies - Unfortunately party supplies never come packaged in the exact amount that you need so you end up with lots of extras.Stop hoarding those paper plates, cups, wrapping paper, decorations, etc... from your previous parties. If they are still in good shape, ask a local day care or school if they could use them, otherwise, toss them in the trash.

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3. Phone Books - With the use of technology these days, it amazes me that they still deliver phone books. When was the last time you actually used one?

4. Dead or dying plants - I know that you are really counting on your favorite house plant to instantly spring back to life but it's time to face reality.

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5. Plastic Grocery Bags - I know that many people save these to reuse as trash bags but then end up collecting way more than they need. If you have way more than you'll ever use toss the extras in the recycle bin and consider taking reusable bags with you on your next shopping trip.

6. Containers With No Matching Lids - I know it's hard because you think that the second you throw it away the lid will magically pop up, but if it hasn't shown up by now it probably won't. While your at it, toss any lids that don't have a matching container as well. photo source

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7. Socks With Holes or No Match - Lighten up your sock drawer by tossing any old, worn out socks and any that have no match.

8. Duplicate and Expired Spices - Gather up all your spices and toss any duplicates that you may have collected. Then check all the dates and toss any that have expired.

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9. Cords - Toss any cords for electronics that you no longer have or that you have duplicate cords for. 

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10. Instruction Manuals - Go through your stack of instruction manuals and toss any of them that belong to items you no longer own. For the rest of the manuals, see if you can find them online. If so, it may be easier (and take up less space) to toss the manual and use the online version if needed.

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