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Extra Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

I'm sure that we could all use a little extra storage space in the kitchen, but what do you do if you have a tiny kitchen and there just isn't any room for more storage? I've got you covered with these brilliant ideas that can create more storage space in even the smallest of kitchens.

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There is unused storage space under each one of your cabinets! By replacing your kick boards with under-cabinet drawers you can transform that dead space into useful storage. via - Family Handyman

Deep cabinets can pose a huge problem. If you fill them up and utilize all of that available real estate then things in the back are likely to get lost and forgotten about. This also leads to buying multiples of things because you can't find something. Combat this issue by installing pull out drawers. You'll be able to easily see everything that you have at a glance and your storage realestate won't be taken up by all the multiples and expired food.  via - Ask The Builder

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Another way to combat deep cabinets and add extra storage space is by installing spice racks to the inside of your cabinet doors. This will allow you to keep more items in view and within easy reach. no source available

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