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Farmhouse Decor for Under $100

Ok, I may be slightly obsessed with farmhouse decor. Maybe it's the beautiful farmhouses that are always shown on the many HGTV shows. Or maybe it's the fact that I live in a 1960's farmhouse myself. In my search for decorating my own home, I have come across a few amazing finds for under $100, that I thought you guys would enjoy. 

All prices listed were correct at the time of post. Some prices may change and some items may no longer be available. DIYHSH is not responsible for price changes or availability. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Rustic Mail Sorter with Chalk Board - $59.99 
This rustic organizer would be handy hanging next to the front door or in the kitchen. If you're a DIYer you may be able to make something similar for less. 

Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light - $41.95
I just love this!! The chicken wire would create some fun shadows on the wall!

Bronze Warehouse Shade - $39.99
These would look beautiful hanging above a kitchen island.

Faucet Wall Mounted 3 Coat Hook - $25.50
This looks so simple to make but once you factor in the cost of wood, three faucets, stain, paint, and hardware, twenty-five bucks is a deal!!! I would love to have one by the back door to hang our coats or dog leashes on.

Galvanized Milk Can - $21.99
I remember seeing these all the time growing up. However, now a days, they are so hard to find. The few I have come across them at garage sales or flea markets, they were priced ridiculously high. I was so excited when I found this one for under $50.

Rectangle Planters w/ Handle $69.99
These would be adorable siting on the kitchen counter. I would use them to store extra wash clothes or kitchen utensils.

Bushel & a Peck Pillow Cover - $11.98
You can never have too many pillows.

Punched Willow Tree Lamp Shade - $14.68
This willow shade would look lovely in a living room, and it cast beautiful shadows on the wall.

White Cows - Unframed Canvas Art - $14.34
I'm a sucker for cow prints. I absolutely love the simplicity of this one.

Galvanized Metal Olive Bucket - $89.00
Olive buckets are big in home decor now. Unfortunately, they are not cheap. While this is under $100, I think I'll hold off and keep my finders crossed that I can find one cheaper at a yard sale. 

Cast Iron Rooster Trivet - $16.88
Not only are trivets useful in the kitchen, they can make for some beautiful wall decoration. I would love to have a couple of these hanging on my kitchen walls.

Rustic Metal Farmhouse Tray - $29.00
I can picture my husband and kids using this to serve me breakfast in bed. Hey, a girl can dream.

Picnic Caddy & Planter Set - $13.59
This can be used in so many areas of the home. Store kitchen utensils, art supplies, office supplies, or us it to grow herbs in  the kitchen window.  

Vintage Iron Wall Clock $99.99
I love the look of this clock. 

Windmill Clock - $74.95
And of course, every farmhouse needs a windmill.

Faux Cow Hide Throw Pillow - $28.88
Another pillow with faux cow hide.

Cow Creamer Dish - $8.76
So adorable. I've also seen these used as small planers her herbs and succulents.

Cow Butter Dish - $29.69
This would look great sitting on the counter next to the cow creamer dish above.

Vintage Jar Drying Rack - $29.99
If you have the counter space, this would be perfect for storing and displaying drinking glasses.

Vintage Meat Cuts Signs (Beef,Chicken,Pork,Lamb) - $15 to $30
These would look great in the kitchen and would come in handy for any homesteaders who raise their own meat.

Farm Fresh Eggs Tin Sign - $12.95
This is perfect for anyone who owns chickens. 

Adjustable Bar Stool - $52.30
Love the iron and wood look and the fact that it is adjustable!

Distressed Metal Bar Stool - $82.75 (set of two)
I've seen a lot of these metal bar stools used in farmhouse decor but was always turned off by the price of $100-$200+ for just one stool. I was so excited when I found this set for only eighty-two dollars.

Wood and Metal Wall Panels {1} {2} {3} $45 - $80
I'm not sure exactly what I would do with these, but I love them. 

Long Horn Cow Skull (cold cast resin replica) $46.74
I live in an area surrounded by cattle ranches. Cow skulls are huge here, and people pay a lot of money for them. While I like the look, I'm not sure I want a real one hanging on my wall. This replica would be the perfect alternative.

Wooden Dough Bowl - $66.97
I love the look of dough bowls and there are so many ideas online for using them in home decor.

Rattan Bread Basket - $29.50
A lot cheaper than the dough bowl above but in my opinion it would look just as good.

Metal Galvanized Accent Table - $99.99
I've seen a few similar accent tables that have a very modern look to them. This galvanized metal table has a vintage feel to it and would fit in perfectly with the rest of the farmhouse decor.

Cotton Pod Stems - $30.00
A perfect alternative to flowers in a vase. 

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