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20 Ways to make You Kitchen Look Amazing!

In many homes, the kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends. It's a place were we spend a huge majority or our time. Whether we are cooking family meals, helping kids with homework, or sneaking in for a quick midnight snack. Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, why not make it an amazing place that you enjoy spending time in. Here are 20 fabulous ideas to transform your kitchen into the amazing room you envision in your dreams.

Cover up your ugly popcorn ceiling with wooden planks. (source)

Make your own custom tea towels. (source)

Paint your cabinets. (source)

Store snacks, grains, and flour in clear glass jars on open shelves. (source)

Build a kitchen island using inexpensive bookshelves. (source)

Or transform your current kitchen island. (source)

If you have a small kitchen, consider building a rolling cart that can be moved out of the way or to another room when not in use. (source)

Install a pull-out garbage. (source)

Create an amazing coffee bar. (source)

Make your own beautiful wine rack. (source)

Store your pasta in apothecary jars. (source unknown)

Paint the inside of your cabinets to add a pop of color. (source)

Place cookbooks inside a decorative basket. (source)

Remove your fake drawers and make them functional. (source)

Paint your child's old playmat tiles to make a custom kitchen floor mat. (source)

Use an organizing system to keep pans and utensils off the counter but within reach. (source)

Install outlets under your cabinets instead of on the backslash. (source)

Add stainless steel contact paper to your appliances. (source)

Install a narrow cabinet in any unused space in your kitchen. (source)

Paint your appliances with stainless steel paint. (source)

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