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5 Simple Hacks to Beat The Summer Heat

Ugg!! It's not even summer yet and the temps here already in the high 90's. With the humidity it feels like well over 100 degrees!!! I've been doing some research to come up with a few ideas to stay cool this summer and I've discovered a few fun hacks that I'm sharing with you today!

Make your own sponge bombs and start a water fight. These fun looking balls were made from inexpensive sponges. Soak them in some cold water and take them outside for a fun game. (via - Inner Child Fun)

Keep these frozen eucalyptus towels in your freezer. When the heat gets to much to bear, place one across your forehead for some instant relief. (via - Simple Darrling)

These ice blocks will not only keep your kids cool but if your lucky, it will also keep them entertained for a while. (via - The Inspired Home)

I've seen diy air conditioners before but I've never seen one as fancy as this. This air conditioner was made with a bucket, Styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, and a fan. You can't get much simpler than that. Once it's made, grab some spray paint to match your decor. (via - BuzzFeed)

This one is my favorite. This Eco-Cooler is made from recycled bottles and uses no energy. When placed in a window with the wider part of the bottles facing out, it will funnel cool air into your home. (via - InHabitat)

What are your favorite ways to keep cool during the summer? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. There are really good hacking tips for beating summer heat. In summer season it becomes really difficult to go outside the home.


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