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30 Day Deep Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning sucks! I don't really mind doing my day to day cleaning but when it comes to those tasks that only need to be done every couple months or so, I have a love hate relation ship with them. I HATE doing them, but I LOVE how my home feels so fresh and clean once they are done.

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Instead of trying to knock everything out in a day or two, like I have done in the past, I will be spreading the tasks out over 30 days to make the process more bearable. I created the above printable so that you can follow along too! Below I have listed a few tips, tricks, and links to help you out while you work your way through this challenge.

Day 1: Ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Place a pillow case over the fan blade then slowly slide it off. Al the dust will fall inside the pillowcase instead of your furniture and the floor. Repeat for the rest of the fan blades then toss the pillow case in the washing machine.
  • Instead of using a pillow case try this Fan Blade Cleaner from Amazon.
  • If you don't like climbing up on ladders to clean your fan blades then check out this Microfiber Ceiling & Fan Duster that extends to 14 foot!

Day 2: Wash walls and doors
  • Use a broom or cobweb duster to dust the wall and remove any cobwebs. 
  • Fill a bucket with hot soapy water and using a sponge mop begin washing the wall. Note: some wall paints do not hold up well to washing. Be sure to test any cleaners in an inconspicuous ares before washing your entire wall.
  • Dry the wall using a flat mop with a microfiber cloth

Day 3: Air vents & filters
  • Use these air vent cleaners to reach in between the vent.
  • If your vents are really dirty you can place them in the sink or tub, cover with water, and let soak overnight. 
  • If you don't have time for that, toss them in the dishwasher.
  • Be sure to change out your filters before replacing your vent covers. 

Day 4: Blinds, shutters & curtains
Day 5: Windows (exterior)

Day 6: Windows (interior)

Day 7: Light switches, door handles, & check smoke detectors
  • Use a Clorox wipe or cleaning rags to wipe down light switches and door handles.
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Day 8: Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Wipe down the front of your cabinets with a rag soaked in a mixture of two cups warm water and two tablespoons Dawn dish soap

Day 9: Inside kitchen cabinets
  • The best way to clean the inside of your cabinets is to remove everything that is inside and wipe them down.
  • Before placing your items back in the cabinet, be sure to toss anything that has expired or you no longer need.

Day 10: Inside kitchen drawers
  • Same ass the cabinets. Remove the contents before cleaning. Toss out anything expired or no longer needed.
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Day 11: Range hood, stove, and oven (inside & out)

Day 12: Kitchen sink & faucet

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Day 13: Dishwasher (inside & out)
  • The easiest way to clean the inside of your dishwasher is to spay it with vinegar, sprinkle on a little backing soda, then run the dishwasher on a light cycle. When it's done running be sure to scrub any stubborn areas with a rag soaked in vinegar.
  • if you get hard to remove steaks inside your dishwasher from the soap you are using, try switching to pods. (You can find inexpensive ones at Walmart). I did this two years ago and no longer get soap streaks on mine
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Day 14: Fridge (inside & out)
  • Remove the contents of your fridge and wipe down the shelves and inside the drawers.
  • Toss out any old or expired food before placing your items back in the fridge.

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Day 15: Pantry shelves
  • Remove items from the shelves. Tossing anything that is old or expired. 
  • Clean of the shelves with a damp rag.

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Day 16: Kitchen trash can
  • After taking your trash out, wipe down the inside and outside of your trash can with a disinfectant and allow to air dry before replacing your trash bag.
  • Before you place the trash bag in the can place a few newspapers in the bottom. This will help absorb odors and soak up any leaks. 

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Day 17: Microwave, toaster & other small appliances
  • Fill a microwave safe bowl or mug half way with water and add a few lemon slices to it (a couple tablespoons of vinegar will also work if you don't have any lemons.)
  • Set the microwave for 1 minute then leave the door closed for another 5 to 10 minutes. This will loosen up any cooked on grime so you can easily wipe it clean.
  • Or you can try out the Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner .

Day 18: Shower heads, curtains & bath mats
  • Fill a Ziploc bag half way with vinegar. Secure it over your shower head for a few hours. Once you remove the bag, use a rag to wipe away any left over residue then run the shower for a minute or two to remove any vinegar from the shower head.

Day 19: Tub, tub surround, & shower walls

Day 20: Sink, faucet, & counter

Day 21: Toilets

Day 22: Under bathroom sink
  • Remove all items from under the sink. and wipe down the inside of the cabinet
  • Toss any cleaners, makeup, or other products that have expired or you no longer use. 
  • Find a new "home" for anything that does not belong in this area and replace everything else neatly back in the cabinet,

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Day 23: Washing machine & dryer
  • There are so many makes and models of washing machines and dryers so be sure to read your instruction manuals for proper cleaning.
  • Wipe down the inside of your washer and dryer with a damp rag.
  • Clean out your dryer vent (this should be done after each use to prevent fires) and dryer hose. Check out these easy to use dryer cleaning products.
  • Wipe out your washing machine soap dispenser. If it is removable you can toss it in the dishwasher.

Day 24: Linen closet & coat closet
  • Remove everything.
  • Toss or donate any coats or linens that you no longer need, or use. 
  • Find a new "home" for anything that does not belong.
  • Wipe down shelves and neatly place all items back in the closet, organizing things as you go.

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Day 25: Flip mattress, wash pillows, clean under bed

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Day 26: Bedroom closet.
  • Remove everything.
  • Toss or donate any clothing items that you no longer wear. 
  • Find a new "home" for anything that does not belong in the closet.
  • Wipe down shelves and neatly place all items back in the closet, organizing things as you go.
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Day 27: Couches & couch cushions

Day 28: Clean under all furniture
  • Move and clean behind and under couches, coffee tables, t.v. stands, and any other large pieces of furniture.
  • If items are too large or heavy to move then use the extension on your vacuum cleaner to reach under and behind the best you can.

Day 29: Area rugs & carpet

Day 30: Baseboards
  • Grab a few magic erasers, a bucket of warm, soapy water and start scrubbing away.
  • If you don't like bending over to clean all your baseboards then check out this Baseboard Buddy.

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Tips & tricks: This list is not for everyone. Everyone's home is different and you need to do what works for you. Here are a few tips to change things up to make this schedule work for you and your home.
  • Some of these tasks are quick and simple and others take a little more time. Use the quick and simple days to catch up on (or get ahead of) some of the cleaning from the tasks that take a little longer.
  • 30 days does not have to mean 30 days. If you need more time to get a certain task done, then be all means take it! This isn't a race! On the other hand, if you have some spare time on your hands and you can knock out the whole list in a week, that's ok too.
  • If you have more than one bathroom, instead of running back and forth between the two on days 18-22, try focusing on one bathroom at a time. Spend 1 to 2 days cleaning each bathroom, getting as much done as you can before moving onto the next.
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