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6 DIY Outdoor Storage Projects

When it comes to storage and organizing, most of us usually focus on areas inside the home. However, with summer approaching many people will be spending more and more time outdoors. It's important to find organizing options for items you use outdoors as well. A few years ago I shared 10 amazing outdoor storage projects. Today I'm back with five more brilliant ideas you can use to store and organize anything from your kids toys, to garden tools, and even your off season decorations.

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Outdoor Storage Bench Tutorial. I love that this is bench is built to fit large tubs. The tubs will keep the contents dry as well as keep insects and other pests out of your stuff. 
See full tutorial at Our Hand Crafted Life

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DIY Under-Eaves Storage Locker. This storage idea are offers tons of room inside but since it is only 15 1/2 inches deep it can fit in even the smallest yard. 
See full tutorial at Sunset

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How to Build a Bench With Hidden Storage. The bottom of this bench is made with wire mesh which will provide lots of air flow allowing items to dry out better. This is great if you are using it to store wet items such as a garden hose pool toys, or wet rain boots. See full tutorial at This Old House

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Wire Shelves and Plastic Bins. This diy storage idea is super simple and inexpensive. Simple wire shelves and plastic bins can be found at your local dollar store, Walmart, or target. Or you can purchase them online here; Wire Shelves, Plastic bins. If you don't have a covered area to set your shelves under, be sure to drill holes in the bottom of your bins to allow rain water to drain out. Source Unknown

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Under Deck Storage. If you have a deck that is a couple feet or more off the ground, don't let the space underneath go to waste. Remove a few boards and build a functioning door to access the area and put it to good use. We did this to our deck a few years back and used the space to store a kiddy pool (for our dog), flower pots, tomato cages, and a few garden tools. See full tutorial at

Dresser on the Porch. Using furniture on your porch that's meant for indoors is such a brilliant idea as long as its in a protected area where it won't get rained on or exposed to too much sun. I have a dresser on our porch that hold many of the kids outdoor toys, and a few small garden tools. Photo from Liz Marie Blog

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