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Hiding In Plain Sight - DIY Secret Hiding Places In Your Home

Hidden storage spaces can be used for just about anything. Whether you are looking to hide your hard earned cash, valuable jewelry, a spare key, or you just need a place to stash your clutter, these hidden secret storage places are perfect for just about anything.

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This is such a brilliant diy idea for hiding a spare key! Attach a washer and bolt to the lid of a medicine bottle, match container, or other small container. Drill a hole in your patio furniture large enough for your container to fit in. Make sure that the container is a tight fit so that it doesn't fall out. Alternatively, you could drill the hole slightly larger and glue a strong magnet inside to hold the container in place. (no source found)

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I've shared this tutorial before in my 10 Ways To Cover Up Household Eyesores post. It is one of my favorite ideas so I thought I would share it again. Most hidden book storage ideas look fake to me. The books are all offset or wompy (yes, that's a word!) and you can easily tell that they are not real books. This diy tutorial uses actual books and glues them to a box in a way that they look like just a normal group of books. (Tutorial - Sewing Barefoot)

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This idea is just brilliant!! looking at the photo when it's closed, I would have never guessed that there was a hidden storage place behind it. I found this listing on Etsy. If you're handy you could probably diy your own or you can purchase this one here  BajaEddCustomRodRack

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Deep closets can be a pain. They are dark and you can never see anything in the back. Items get lost in the back, and if you don't keep up on organizing and cleaning then closet turns into one giant black hole, swallowing everything in sight. This idea of shortening your closet and adding hidden storage behind your clothes is brilliant. Not only does it eliminate the black hole, but it's a great place for a diy safe box or to hide your money and valuables. (no source found)

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Y'all loved my post last week, 6 DIY Recycled Pill Bottle Kits, so I knew that I had to share this amazing diy idea for hiding your key in a pill bottle glued to a rock. Just be sure that you remember what rock you hid the key under!! (no source found)

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This is the first time that I've seen a fake plant used for hidden storage... and I LOVE it!! Not only can you hide your valuables in there without anyone ever knowing, but it is also a great diy home decor project!! (Tutorial - Instructables)

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What are your best hiding places? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I hide a spare back door key inside the finger of a gardening glove which is kept in my (unlocked) gardening room.

    1. That is a brilliant idea!! I'll have to keep it in mind if I do a follow up post. Thank you!


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