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Organization Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

Last week I shared some great ideas for organizing all your Christmas items once the holidays are done (see that post here). But what about before the holidays arrive? Is it possible to enjoy a stress free Christmas? Here are a few things that you can get started on now to help you prepare for the holidays. 
P.S. Yes, I know there are 7 tips in this post. I added two more great ideas at the last minute. Hope you enjoy! :)

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1. Start working on your Christmas cards. Make a list of who you want to send cards to and get all the envelopes labeled and ready. 

2. Purchase a few gift cards. These make great last minute gifts and will work for anyone or any age. Most of them don't expire so even if you don't end up giving them away as gifts, you can always use them to buy something for yourself.

3. Start planning and purchasing gifts. This is something that can never be done too early. I know people who start buying gifts in July. These free printables are a great way to keep track of gifts for friends and family. Christmas Gift Ideas - Free Printable

4. Check your Christmas decor. I know most people don't like to dig out their Christmas decoration before December, but getting them out now and giving them a quick look-over will save you from any last minute surprises. Now is the perfect time to fix or replace any broken items. Also if there are any decorations that you no longer use, you will be able to sell or donate them before the holidays are over with. 

5. Stock up on food. I love this Christmas Cupboard idea from Frugal Family. As soon as the Christmas treats start showing up in stores, she buys a couple things each week and places them in a cupboard until Christmas. This will save you from having to buy everything at once. Also keep in mind any staple foods that you make every Christmas. Are there ingredients that you can purchase now instead of waiting till the week before? (Last year every store we went to was sold out of canned cranberry sauce.) Stocking up on these items now would be a huge life saver.

6. Make and freeze. Check over your Christmas menu and see if there are any items that you can make now and freeze till later. Bread dough and cookie dough are perfect examples. 

7. Clean your home. Having guests over for Christmas can seem a little overwhelming with everything else going on during the holidays. My 10 day holiday cleaning printable (found here) will help you get your home clean before guests arrive without loosing your sanity.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below.

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