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50 Random Tips Everyone Should Know

In today's, busy, fast paced, hectic world, it's nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you get through the day. Today I'm passing along 50 brilliant tips that may just make your day run a little smoother.

1. How to fix a photo with closed eyes in Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop you can use this similar program for free. view Photoshop tutorial

2. Make your own DIY Goo Gone using one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda. (source)

3. Use expanding foam to hold decorative branches in place. (source)

4. How to fold a fitted sheet. (source)

5. Line your tacos shell with lettuce before piling on the rest of the ingredients. If your taco shell breaks, the lettuce will keep everything else from falling out and making a mess. (source not found)

6. Use S hook to organize purses, umbrellas, and other items in your closet. (source)

7. Store oddly shaped items on a shelf using bungee cords. For wood shelves, just drill small holes in the wood, weave the bungee cord through and secure with a knot. Great idea for sports equipment and kids stuffed animals. (source)

8. Pour a small amount of pine sol in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. It will make the bathroom smell great and give you a little more cleaning power the next time your scrub the toilet. (source)

9. Use canning jar lids to make perfectly round eggs for your breakfast sandwich. (source)

10. Add a cushion and a cover to your large storage containers to create a secret storage space. (source)

11. Disguise an off-center window with draperies. (source)

12. Place bacon on wax paper in a single layer then roll it up, place in a freezer safe ziploc bag and freeze it. This will keep the bacon from sticking together when it freezes. Just unroll the bacon, grab what you need and roll the rest back up. (source)

13. Use a bucket to keep exterior cords out of the weather. This is a great idea for Christmas lights! (source unknown)

14. Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill. (source unknown)

15. Attach the garden hose to your broom to easily power wash your deck. Use velcro instead of tape to make it even easier. (source unknown)

16. Use a clothespin to hold nails and keep your fingers out of the way while hammering. (source unknown)

17. Create a storage cabinet out of recycled tidy cat buckets. This would be great in a garage or mud room. (source)

18. When moving heavy appliances, spray Windexin front of and around the feet of your heavy appliances to make them slide more easily across the floor. (source)

19. Use a paper plate to keep splatters to a minimum when mixing. (source unknown)

20. A muffin tin will keep stuffed peppers upright in the oven. (source)

21. Write a letter to your favorite Disney character and they will send you an autographed 8x10 picture. (source)

22. Place Popsicles upright in the freezer for a clean cut. (source unknown)

23. The easiest way to clean your blinds. (source)

24. follow this guide for perfectly cooked eggs every time. (source)

25. Use Clorox Cleaning Bleach Gel to clean your grout. Just pour it on the grout and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Scrub with a toothbrush and let sit for another 5 minutes. Then use water and a mop to clean everything up. (source)

26. Follow this simple tutorial to remove yellow spots on your pillows. (source)

27. Organize your scarves on a hanger. (source)

28. Keep the drink holders in your car gunk free by lining them with silicone cupcake liners. Whenever they get dirty just toss them in the washing machine. (source unknown)

29.Use this guide to test the freshness of your eggs. (source)

30. To clean scorched pans, add vinegar and bring to a boil. remove from heat and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Once the fizzing stops, empty the pan and scrub as normal. (source)

31. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to clean your crockpot. Fill your crockpot with water. Add a cup of vinegar. Slowly pour in a cup of baking soda. (Add only a small amount at a time so it doesn't fizz over.) Turn your slow cooker on low for four hours or overnight and the gunk will wipe right off.

32. After you've drilled a hole in the shell and drained the water, putting a coconut in the oven for 10-15 minutes on 400*F should crack the shell and help separate the meat from it. (source)

33. Follow thistutorial to recondition and re-season your iron pans. (source)

34. Heat up an entire room with a terra-cotta pot and some tealight candles. (source)

35. For a super simple and healthy snack, slice a sweet potato and place it in the toaster. Top with your desired topping and enjoy. (source)

36. Need to cook two pizzas at once. Cut them in half and arrange them like the photo above. (source)

37. Use two large hooks to store your ironing board. (source)

38. Wheels can be expensive. Try using your kids old toy cars instead to create a rolling hamper. (source)

39. Use an egg carton to keep your condiments from falling over in the fridge. (source)

40. Use a paintbrush to dust off light bulbs and other hard to reach areas. (source)

41. WD-40 will remove scuff marks from your floor. (source unknown)

42. Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean a porcelain sink. (source)

43. Need more storage space in your home. Add a cabinet between the studs. (source)

44. Dole Snack Fruit cups can fit on mason jar lids for the perfect snack container. (source)

45. A spring(snag one from a broken pen) wrapped around your charger will keep it from bending and breaking. (source unknown)

46. Pour coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Next time you make iced coffee it won't get watered down. (source unknown)

47. Easily clean your shower curtain liner by placing it in the washing machine. Hang it back up over the shower to let it air dry. (source unknown)

48. Use paper clips to easily find the end of a tape roll (no source found)

49. Place an upside down command hookon each side of your trash bag to keep it in place. (source unknown)

50. A twin sized sheet makes a great table cloth and it won't blow off in the wind. (source unknown)

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  1. Great's another..for stuck on food soak in water with a dryer sheet ")

    1. I've heard of this tip before. I am a little concerned about the chemicals in dryer sheets though. I'll have to look into it. Thank you.

    2. Can't really be much worse than some of these strong dish soaps available. Soaking with a dryer sheath to get the gunk off then wash with soap and water sounds fair.

    3. Tried it, but used fabric liquid softner. Wash with regular dish soap afterwards.

    4. you are gonnaa wash it. its not like you wipe with the dryer sheet and then lick it

  2. Great tips! I have a few to share here: put denture cleaner in your toilet and it it sit over night to destroy those nasty yellow lime stains.Use your opd coffeegrounds,eggshells, vegetable seeds,skins or rotten veggies and start your own composting pile outside.To keep it from smelling use a bucket with lid and you can also drill a hole in it and stich a small pvc pipe in for drainage and air.Use a coffee filter to clean toothpaste spills with just putting a tiny amount of window cleaner on.Save on your waterbill:(extreme pennypinchiners only) save old bathwater in bucket and use to flush toilet at least you number ones😉A friend of mine saved enough water tocut her bill in half. And save it up for a vaccation instead.Mix Vinnegar and baking soda to create scubing bubbles for tough stains.I use it to clean my rabbit hutch pad and it even breaks tough urine stains.If you own. Rabbit ot guinea pig:keep plastic bags on you when you walk .Along state roads the city usually sends people to mow next to the road and during the hot summer it will become free hay for the taking.Make sure its yellow and you can store it or use it for your pets right away.

    1. Great tips. A few that I've never heard of before. Thanks

    2. I would be careful of collecting mowed city grass for my pets. You don't know if it has fertilizer,fire ant killer or weed killer on it. Go out in a un-kept field would be better.

  3. More tips:Keep snakes and other criters away by planting mint, lavender or marigold around your house.Keep your cats from messing with your furniture put some strong scebted oil with citrus/orange smell on your couch or furniture because for some reason cats hate the smell.Get rid of anthills by usibg diatomaceous earth.It will take a bit but it will kill them.Keep wasps distracted from your bbq put a soda can with sugar water or warm beer with sugar out.They get in because it smells sweet but the sugar and hops will make their wings too sticky to leave.Get rid of fleas on your dog or cat:rub or sprinkle mint on affected spots.A few drops of teatree oil will ward them off too.Add drops to your dogs or cats collar because it can cause pets to get hives.

    1. Thank you Jessica. Those are some great ideas.

    2. Tea tree oil is deadly to animals.. it can cause seizures, heart attack, and brain death. Never use tea tree oil on animals.

    3. Thanks for the info Anon. I found this article that states that it CAN be safe to use on dogs externally when diluted. NEVER apply to an open wound or use internally though. Although it does have side effects and I would highly recommend talking to your vet before using it.

  4. Careful with tea tree on your pets, can be toxic! Try using lavender essential oil instead. More safe and smells better, just as effective. Mix 2 parts vegetable oil to one part orange essential oil to use on stuck on stickers.

    1. Thank you for the tip Anon.

    2. Mint is very invasive. Be careful where you plant it.

  5. Great tips. I will use a couple of them right away. Have pinned it to refer to on a continuous basis. Thanks so much for sharing! Such tips are a source of encouragement really and makes one feel that life hacks are actually a kind of spice in one's life;)

  6. Do not try the terra cotta pot trick. I tried it. It did not warm my room and it heated the base hot enough to crack. It is a fire hazard.

  7. Whoever thought of these is freakin' brilliant!!!!

  8. Have you ever sent a friend/relative a get well card while they are hospitalized only to get it back in the mail because patient was discharged? Put their home address as the return address. They will receive it at home instead of post office returning it to sender or it being discarded at hospital.

  9. Here are a few more tips: Use windshield wiper fluid to front door windows and whatever windows need cleaning in winter especially if you have kids, also use the big containers of windshield wiper fluid instead of Windex - more bang for your buck - way cheaper. I buy a few when they go on sale.

  10. We throw our wood stove coals on the driveway ice for traction. I store Christmas light bulbs in egg cartons. The handle screws on my antique dresser catch my clothes, so I shoved little corks on them. Hubby made me platforms on caster wheels so I can move my antique trunks around and keeps them 2"-3" off the basement floor in case of rising water.

  11. Thanku for some fabulous tips, from over the pond. Uk ����

  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to assemble this informitive web page. I really appreciate it.


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